Blackjack & Moonlight: Character List [SPOILER ALERT]

The hero of Blackjack & Moonlight is Jack McIntyre, a recently-appointed federal judge. He first meets the heroine—Elise Carroll—in his courtroom, where she’s a lawyer involved in the case of Everton v. Keri-Age Inc.


Jack “Blackjack” McIntyre
The hero, a federal judge
Dorian Fitzgerald
Jack’s deceased great uncle, a movie star
Stacy Pembroke
Jack’s sister
Bill Pembroke
Stacy’s husband, a tax lawyer
Elizabeth “Libby” Pembroke Jack’s niece, heroine of Love in Reality
Alice “Lissa” Pembroke Jack’s niece, heroine of Lost and Found
Hugh O’Hara
Jack’s cousin
Debbie O’Hara
Hugh’s wife
Annette Hugh’s sister
Rand Jennings
Libby’s fiancé, hero of Love in Reality
Alan Jennings
Rand’s father
Phil Gaffney
A bankruptcy lawyer, hero of Lost and Found
Barney Owner of The County Cork bar
Euphemia Williams The chief judge
Anita King
Another judge
Brenda Jack’s secretary
Jamie Alexander
Jack’s courtroom clerk
Jack’s courtroom deputy


Elise Carroll
The heroine, a lawyer at Fergusson & Leith
Peggy Carroll
Elise’s mother
Pete Carroll
Elise’s father, now divorced from Peggy and remarried
Tom Weaver
The man Peggy left her husband for
Geoff Charles A partner at Fergusson & Leith
Christine Pennington
Elise’s friend, another lawyer at Fergusson & Leith
Kim Elise’s secretary
DeeDee Elise’s four-year-old daughter
Bart Mather Opposing counsel in Everton v. Keri-Age Inc.