Love in Reality: Character List [SPOILER ALERT]

Love in Reality is based around one season of a particularly pointless reality TV show called The Fishbowl. Contestants on the show are known as “Fish.”

Heading up the crew is the odious Marcy Edelstein, Executive Producer. She’s the only behind-the-scenes person to take the game seriously, claiming The Fishbowl has redeeming values.

Marcy’s clichéd idea for this particular season is that contestants should epitomize a character type, to see whether “opposites attract.”

The Fish (in order of disappearance)

The Goth Jo, a paranoid girl
The Cougar Diane, an attractive divorcée
The Vixen Arielle, a preening redhead and would-be actress
The Country Bumpkin Tommy, a hayseed
The Jock Bryce, a muscle-bound athlete
The Codger Jim, a retired dot-com millionaire
The Band Geek Greg, onetime player in the Marching Mizzou
The Ditz Libby (pretending to be “Lissa”) Pembroke, a law student
The Hunk Dylan, Chicago cab drive and would-be actor
The Sophisticate Kai, a Marketing Executive with Navajo heritage
The Boy Next Door Chris, a cute and friendly guy
The Girl Next Door Susie, a receptionist

Crew of The Fishbowl

Jeremy Andrews Host/Announcer
Marcy Edelstein
Executive Producer
Rand Jennings Associate Producer
Debbie Associate Producer
Barry Associate Director
Bob Associate Director
Dave Associate Director
Dick Associate Director
Don Associate Editor
Jamie Associate Editor
Nick Associate Editor
Charlie Sound Mixer
Manuel Sound Mixer
Kesha Production Assistant

Also Featuring

Lissa Pembroke Libby’s twin sister, heroine of Lost and Found
Blackjack McIntyre Libby’s uncle, hero of Blackjack & Moonlight
Dan Howard Assistant US Attorney, hero of The Cost of Happiness
Barney Owner of The County Cork bar
Duke Lissa’s boyfriend
Meghan Mattson Libby’s friend, heroine of The Cost of Happiness
Phil Gaffney Rand’s lawyer friend, hero of Lost and Found
Steve One of Libby’s law school classmates
Ted Another of Libby’s law school classmates
Alan Jennings Rand’s TV producer father
Dee Jennings Rand’s mother
Saul Berenson One of Alan’s producer friends
A.J. An animatronics expert