The Fishbowl [SPOILER ALERT]

Disclaimer: The Fishbowl is a fictional cheesy reality TV show. Any resemblance to actual cheesy reality TV shows, current or canceled, is purely coincidental.

The game show portrayed in Love in Reality has a typical reality TV format: it’s held over about ten weeks in an isolated house dubbed the “Fishbowl.” The twelve competitors, or “Fish,” vie for the million dollar first prize and various runner-up prizes. They have little else to do but backbite and cavort in skimpy swimwear.

In the weekly live show, all the Fish still in the Fishbowl compete in a “Shark Fight.” The winner becomes the “Shark,” who moves to a more luxurious room called the “Shark Tank,” and has various other fishy privileges.

The Shark must choose two Fish as candidates for elimination. They are put “On The Hook,” but one of these can be saved by the winner of the “Get Off The Hook” competition. In which case, the Shark must choose an alternative Fish to be On The Hook. As part of the live show, every Fish not On The Hook gets to vote on who is actually “Fished Out.”

All but the first two competitors Fished Out are moved to the “Holding Tank,” where they remain until the “Fish Market” ceremony in the final week. They continue to be filmed but are allowed books and music.

A further weekly competition determines access to creature comforts. The Fish are divided into two teams and the losing team must eat “Fish Food” for the week. Fish Food looks a lot like those weird flakes fed to goldfish—although nutritionally complete, it tastes very like shredded cardboard.

When there are only three Fish left in the Fishbowl, a series of physical challenges determines which two will remain for the Fish Market ceremony. The Fish in the Holding Tank are brought out and get to vote on who should be the “Last Fish In The Fishbowl.”

Season Eight

Here is a summary of the season portrayed in Love in Reality:

Week One

The Shark: Jim (the Codger)
On The Hook: “Lissa” (the Ditz); Arielle (the Vixen), replaced by Jo (the Goth)
Get Off The Hook winner: Bryce (the Jock) who saves Arielle
Fished Out: Jo

Week Two

The Shark: Kai (the Sophisticate)
On The Hook: Diane (the Cougar); Dylan (the Hunk), replaced by Greg (the Band Geek)
Get Off The Hook winner: Susie (the Girl Next Door), who saves Dylan
Fished Out: Diane

Week Three

The Shark: Chris (the Boy Next Door)
Fished Out: Arielle

Week Four

The Shark: Susie
Fished Out: Tommy (the Hayseed)

Week Five

The Shark: Kai
Fished Out: Bryce

Week Six

The Shark: Greg
On The Hook: Chris; Dylan, replaced by Jim
Get Off The Hook winner: Dylan
Fished Out: Jim

Week Seven

The Shark: Dylan
On The Hook: Chris; “Lissa”, replaced by Greg
Get Off The Hook winner: Kai
Fished Out: Greg

Week Eight

The Shark: Chris
On The Hook: “Lissa”; Kai
Get Off The Hook winner: Susie
Fished Out: Kai, who is reinstated when “Lissa” leaves

Week Nine

The Shark: Susie
Fished Out: Dylan

Final Week

Kai, Chris and Susie remain in the Fishbowl to compete for the million dollars. Kai gets eliminated in the physical challenges.

At the Fish Market ceremony, the eliminated Fish in the Holding Tank vote for Susie (the Girl Next Door) to be the Last Fish In The Fishbowl and win the million dollars, so Chris (the Boy Next Door) gets the runner-up prize.