The Cost of Happiness: Character List [SPOILER ALERT]

Dan Howard and Meghan Mattson—hero and heroine of The Cost of Happiness—work at Fergusson & Leith, Philly’s number two law firm. Their main client during the story is the cell phone manufacturer ProCell.

Fergusson & Leith

Wallace Leith
Senior partner and chairman
Daniel Howard
Junior partner, head of Complex Litigation
Adrian Leveque
Patent attorney
Anne van Oostrum Litigation coordinator
Vicky Womack Mid-level associate
Darlene McAndrews Paralegal coordinator
Meghan Mattson Paralegal
Tessa Administrative assistant
Nabila Vicky’s assistant


Vince Johnson President and CEO
Lou Trioli
In-house counsel
Lou’s assistant
Dave Divichenko Engineeer
Chun-Wei Liu Engineeer
Harvey Keane Retired engineer

Other Characters

Kassie Meghan’s neighbor
Libby Pembroke
Meghan’s friend, heroine of Love in Reality
Bianca Boudreau
Meghan’s mother
Ted Dorchay Assistant Dean at Meghan’s law school
Blackjack McIntyre Dan’s boss, hero of Blackjack & Moonlight
Christopher Howard
Dan’s brother
Georgia Moran
Dan’s predecessor as head of Complex Litigation
Susan “Shana” Wolfson Dan’s estranged wife
Debra Underwood
Assistant US Attorney in Chicago
Sam Walczek  Debra Underwood’s boss
Tom Stevens Former Jenner director
Greg Agnarsson Retired Jenner engineer
Bert Shiner Greg’s lawyer
Jeanette Pierson Plaintiffs’ lawyer
Barney Owner of The County Cork bar